Welcome to M for Mariella, a lifestyle blog for the girl on the go! A platform for sharing all things health & wellness, travel, and entrepreneurship with the purpose of inspiring busy women like me to follow their passions, reach for their goals, let go of excuses, and live their best lives – In whichever way is most meaningful to them.

If you are like me, you are constantly seeking balance in life, wishing there were enough hours in the day to accomplish all the goals you set for yourself: Building a successful career, growing a side business, spending time on passion projects, eating healthy and exercising often, spending time with family and friends, having a social life, taking care of a household, getting a good night sleep, and so on… All while trying to keep your sanity and finding time to relax! – It’s exhausting.

It is my hope that through this blog you’ll join me on my lifestyle journey of being perfectly imperfect, as I strive to live a life of balance the best way I know, even if it means making mistakes along the way. I hope to inspire people to strive for more, let go of fear, and follow their heart to greatness, because I believe life is what we make of it, and that we were all meant for more.

Are you living your best life?


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