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Fluffy Banana Mesquite Pancakes

By: Mariella Irivarren, Part-Owner of Miski Organics

Gluten Free & Vegan

*Makes 12 small Pancakes (4” diameter)*

Sometimes I just crave a fancy breakfast, and for me, that means PANCAKES!

Pancakes remind me of Sunday morning breakfast with my family. It reminds me of a good time, good food, and good company. All my life however, I viewed pancakes as a “treat”, a “cheat meal”, and an overall unhealthy breakfast choice’ so I would limit how often I had them.

A few weeks back I had a massive craving for pancakes, so I set out to create a version that would be good for my taste buds and my health. Using incredible superfoods I have in my pantry, I was able to create ones that were fluffy, tasty, and a little sweet – just how I like them!

These pancakes are easy to make and easier to eat; and if you’ve got little one’s at home – guaranteed they’ll love them too!


– 2 ½ Cup of Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk (I use almond or cashew)
– 3 Tbs of Coconut Oil (melted)
– 1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
– 2 Tbs of Chia Seeds
– 2 Tbs of Yacon Syrup (if you like them sweeter)
– 2 Cups of Green Banana Flour
– 1 Tbs of Baking Powder
– ½ Tsp of Baking Soda
– 1 Tsp of Mesquite Powder
– ¼ Tsp of Salt


  1. Place wet ingredients (including milk, melted coconut oil, vanilla and yacon syrup) in a medium sized bowl and whisk together.
  2. Add the chia seeds and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  3. In a separate large bowl, mix the dry ingredients (including banana flour, baking powder, baking soda and mesquite powder) until blended.
  4. Slowly pour the wet ingredients to the dry ingredient mix and whisk thoroughly until all ingredients are well incorporated.
  5. Heat a small pan on the stove over medium-high and coat it with a small amount of coconut oil or vegan butter.
  6. Once heated, pour ¼ cup of the mixture into the pan to make pancakes one at a time. (You can use a larger amount of mixture for larger pancakes, if desired)
  7. When the edges of your pancake start to bubble and the centre has less liquid, its time to turn it over.
  8. Once all pancakes are complete, you may enjoy immediately while warm, or freeze them for another day!

Banana PancakesSUBSTITUTES:

This recipe focuses on using superfoods to increase the nutritional value of the recipe. The substitutes below will work just as well, but the nutritional content will change.

  • Green Banana Flour (can use a regular gluten free flour mix)
  • Mesquite Powder (can use cinnamon)
  • Chia Seeds (can use ground flax seeds)
  • Yacon Syrup (can use maple or agave syrup)


  • You can use another flour blend; however the banana flavour will no longer be present. You may add a mashed ripe banana to your pancakes instead
  • Get creative! Add berries, chocolate chips or cacao nibs, Tara Protein Powder, etc. – The recipe is versatile.
  • This recipe is 100% Vegan & Gluten Free. You may use a nut free milk to make it nut-free as well
  • I use the Miski Organics brand because of the quality of the products and flavours I like. You may use other brands and even substitute the superfoods for more commonly found ingredients, but the nutritional content and flavour will vary.

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