Get to Know Me

BMO EBM18-13885 (2) - CopyHi! I’m Mariella – A busy full-time corporate event planner, aspiring entrepreneur and blogger, currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Aside from working full-time, I am also a Part-Owner of Miski Organics Inc., a family-owned Canadian company with a Peruvian heart, importing organic Peruvian superfoods into Canada. Also, I am a proud Independent Consultant and brand ambassador for an incredible company called Arbonne; which was recently named the #1 Global Brand for Healthy Living Inside and Out.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communications, writing has always been a passion of mine; and it wasn’t until now that I decided to take a leap of faith and build a platform where I can openly express myself in the hopes of it resonating with others.

As I start to venture into the world of entrepreneurship while striving for balance in all other aspects of my life, it is my goal to share my honest experiences, advice, and tools to help others along their journey.

Curious to know more about me? Drop me a line! And let’s see how we can help each other.


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