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How To Create A Powerful Vision Board

“Looking at your board on a daily basis will motivate you and give you energy that will be reflected in your daily actions, therefore getting you one step closer to achieving your goals.”

Perhaps you have never though about creating a vision board, or you are the type of person who makes one every year. Vision boards can be an incredible motivation tool for anyone working towards a set of goals.

You see, the power of visualization is real, and when we envision ourselves reaching our goals on a daily basis, we are more likely to act on those goals and therefore allow the vision to manifest itself.

So, if you are someone who is needing a little extra motivation and wants to achieve something greater, I suggest you get to work and get creative.

Its worth noting that a vision board can be done in many forms. Some people will literally grab a foam core board, others may use cork walls, wall painting, digital versions, etc. Regardless of how you decide to make your vision board, the important thing is that its prominent and visible EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you make a board and leave it inside a drawer or make an electronic one and save it on your computer folders never to be seen again, it defeats the purpose of doing one in the first place!

Let’s go over how you can make a truly powerful vision board:


If you are doing a vision board its likely you want to create some positive change in your life, and in order to determine where you are going, its important to self reflect and look at where you are first and how you got there. The basis of any significant transformation is to dig deep down and understand the real motivation to create change in the first place.


Once you’ve determined where you are, you need to determine where you want to be. There’s no point in doing a vision board of pretty pictures if there is no purpose behind any of them. By defining your goals, you will have an exact idea of the motivation you are looking to include on your board. Keep your goals simple – too many will be overwhelming, so focus on key areas you want to improve.


Personally, I enjoy scrapbooking, so I like to get a foam core board and look through magazines cutting out elements that inspire me. I like colours and busyness and things that look pretty, and my board reflects that. If you are a minimalist or simplistic person, strip it down to just a few key images and words. If you are talented with graphics, design it yourself using graphic tools. If you are an artist, perhaps paint it. The goal is to personalize it so it resonates with YOU.


Whether in magazines, posters, specific images you sought or your own personal creations, find anything that speaks to you that relates to your goals and fits within the board. At this point, just gather all items that catch your eye – It will be helpful to identify later which of these resonate most.


vision board 1

Once you have determined your goals, found your preferred method and searched several ideas for inspiration, its time to build your board! Try to make the images and words flow from one onto the next; make your board look cohesive and balanced and make it look appealing to you… You will be looking at it daily after all, so make it stand out.


Yes, admire it. Look at it, analyze it, study it, and make it a daily practice. I get up almost every morning and sit in front of my board repeating my goals to myself, reading what it says out loud, and closing my eyes to envision what my life would look like if I were to achieve all those objectives. This is where the true power of the vision board comes to life as we make it a practice and allow things to manifest themselves.


Sharing your vision board with others creates an unconscious sense of accountability and motivation to achieve them in an effort to succeed whole others are watching. Of course, some people like to keep their goals and vision to themselves, and that’s ok too. Sharing your vision board may also inspire others to do the same for themselves.

Visualization is a practice that has been extremely effective when it comes to manifesting the energy you put out into the world. Having a vision board is just a physical component to enhancing your vision, allowing you to hold onto something tangible in order to stay on track. Looking at your board on a daily basis will motivate you and give you energy that will be reflected in your daily actions, therefore getting you one step closer to achieving your goals.

How’s that for a powerful vision board!

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